How To Sell Back Your Used Textbooks

So, you are thinking to sell your college textbooks. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But getting some money in your pocket by selling back those used textbooks is not always that easy. When it comes to selling back college textbooks, bookstores are usually the first place many students look in on. But, they soon realize that college bookstores aren’t willing to pay them top dollar for any of those books. And to add to that misery, students are supposed to wait in long lines, bearing with college bookstore stinginess before they can finally get back a small fraction of their book’s original cost. Frustrating, isn’t it?

On the brighter side, you can make the most of internet- especially if you’re interested in getting a better price for your books. There’re various websites that allow users to sell their books online. And you can use these websites to sell your textbooks directly to buyers while getting a reasonable amount for those annual “book-investments”.

For example, the "National Electrical Code 2011 Handbook (International Electric Code Series)”, sells new on Powells for about $149.00, while used, good condition sells for $121.36 on eBay. Another book, the current edition of "Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry," can be purchased from Amazon for about $134, while a used, good condition edition sells for around $90.

You can choose from a staggering number of buy back websites to sell used textbooks. After all, who would mind saving some extra cash for that off-campus “chilling-time”?

Here are some effective tips to make sure you’re all set for a profitable book resale:

Using The Amazon Central Marketplace
You have to create a seller account to sell your textbooks in the Amazon Central Marketplace.

Once you have created your seller account, start searching for textbooks that you want to sell by ISBN number. Describe the condition of your book and the price you expect. Enter your preferred method of shipping as well as the quantity of the textbook you want to sell. After, following all the directions, review your listing in order to ensure that the information you entered is correct. The last step is to check your email account daily to see if someone purchased your textbook.

Opening Account With Ebay
Ebay is an auction website. Open your account on eBay and start getting offers right away!

Sell Textbooks On Craigslist
Visit and choose the city and state of your residence. Go to the "For Sale" category and click on the "Books" link. Create an ad by clicking the "Post" link. Describe the condition of your book, edition, the textbook ISBN number, selling price for the textbook and shipping costs if applicable. Remember, the key to successfully selling your book is to promptly respond to emails from buyers.

Opening a PayPal Account
You will need to set up your account with PayPal in order to receive payments and ship textbooks that you sell. Enter your shipping costs and give buyers the choice of expedited or regular shipping using United Parcel Service or U.S. Postal Service. The costs of shipping depend on buyer location and package weight. It is very important to obtain a tracking number and send it to the buyer after shipping your textbook.

A Faster Way to Do It
Sometimes, students get frustrated because of the time and effort they have to put in researching and comparing costs on different websites. If you really want to speed up the process, our website offers a quick solution by aggregating various online retailers. We don’t only offer an overview of the sites interested in buying back your book, but we also list prices they're offering so that you can compare price and have it all in one place.

A Word Of Advice
Take the book that you want to sell to your college bookstore at the time of its "buy back" period. It is very important to check the price for your books online before accepting a cash offer. Always add the shipping costs when comparing bookstore offers with online prices.

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