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TextbookLand is a price comparison service that grabs prices of books at a number of different stores, then it displays those prices back in an easy to read format. These prices are generally grabbed in real time however on rare occasions the pricing can be delayed up to 24 hours.

TextbookLand does NOT directly sell or ship any textbooks. Please make a note of the bookstore you are purchasing your textbooks through so you can later follow up with the bookstore for questions or concerns you may have. Our support team can help you out determining which bookstore you made your purchase through if you contact us.

TextbookLand is completely free to use! We never charge for any of our price comparison services.

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Our services are provided on an As-Is basis. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pricing or shipping information provided by the bookstores we search. It is in your best interest to double check this information before making your final purchase.

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