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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you ever need help finding a book or have questions that aren't answered below please feel free to contact us at any time.

Who are we and do we sell textbooks?
No, we don't sell a single textbook.  We were a couple of college kids who got fed up with paying 500 dollars a semester for textbooks at the local bookstores. When textbooks went online, we found that they tended to be a little cheaper, however all problems were not solved. Several bookstores claimed to be the cheapest, and checking all of them for every book became an exhausting task.  It became easier to spend the extra money and buy them locally or on campus. We resolved this problem by making a unique textbook price search engine.

I'm having trouble finding a book, can you help me find it?
Sure contact support with all the information you have and we'll give it a shot finding it for you. Please provide as much information as possible along with your email address and we'll send you back anything we can find. This can be particularly helpful for rare and out of print titles.

What is a textbook price search engine?
This is an engine that we have come up with that will let students get the price of their book(s) at almost all of the online textbook retailers. After you search for your first book, stick it in your book bag and search for the next textbook, until you have all your books.

I have done my searching and two stores are close in price, help!
Just because two stores seem to be close, it doesn't mean they really are. Like all internet transactions, you must account for shipping and tax. Some stores are MUCH cheaper after those two things have been accounted for. Make sure to check shipping charges for each shop and see if you're unlucky enough to live in the same state as the website, and forced to pay sales tax.

Does everyone have to pay sales tax? of the great things about Internet commerce. You only have to pay a sales tax if you live in the same state as the retailer...but some stores have warehouses in many states, so that might be unavoidable.

How will I know when has special offers?
The best way to do that is to check back regularly. The other way is to give us your e-mail and we would gladly advise you when we have special promotions. Just join our newsletter on the main page of TextbookLand and you'll receive them in your email.

How do I get a bookstore added to your search results?
If you own or work for an online book seller or buy back program please contact support with your information and we'll see about adding you in.