Which Degrees Have The Most Expensive Textbooks?

The ever increasing cost of textbooks has become a “headache” for every college student. At the beginning of each semester, students are forced to spend thousands of dollars on textbooks. Here is a list of college degrees that can literally make you pay through your nose:

  1. Management Science

Students majoring in Management Science have to learn the skills and techniques required to help businesses. These students may have to invest in the book; Management Science: An Anthology that comes with a surprising price tag of $850.

  1. Philosophy

A major in philosophy helps you learn basic skills in argumentation, critical thinking, communication, design and planning, information management, research and investigation as well as management and administration. Due to the rising cost of philosophy textbooks, earning a major in philosophy can also cost you an arm and a leg. The most expensive Philosophy book is Acta Philosophorum The First Journal of Philosophy, which is worth $1,450.

  1. Genetics

Genetics is a field of biology and involves organism changes and trait transmissions. Students majoring in genetics mostly work in pharmaceutical companies, universities, government agencies or health care facilities. Anyone taking a course in genetics may be required to read Biostatistical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology. This textbook comes at a price of $665.

  1. Film Studies

Film Studies focuses on applying the liberal arts tradition to today’s culture of technologies and images. Courses in film history, criticism and theory enable students to become selective, ethical and active members in a world dominated by the media of visual communication. Anyone studying Film Studies may need to study the book History of Early Film that is priced at $740.

  1. Economics

Students who major in Economics learn how people choose to utilize resources. Environment in the New Global Economy is among the various books that economics majors are required to study. Students are expected to pay top dollar to grab a copy of the book that is priced at $510.

  1. Psychology

Students studying psychology may work as substance abuse counselors or school counselors. Psychology students may be required to buy the book Companion Encyclopedia of Psychology, which is priced at $600.

  1. Media and Communication

A major in Media and Communications prepares a student for positions in Journalism, advertising, multimedia, media policy, film, television and broadcasting, lobbying and consultancy, research and management, corporate and government communication and entertainment industries. Students studying Media and Communications may need to add Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications to their list of reference books, which costs around $1,215.

  1. Chemistry

Majors in Chemistry use theory, experimentation and math to study matter. Chemistry students should expect to pay around $500 if they’re required to study Solid State Chemistry and Its Applications.

  1. Business and Managerial Economics

Students interested in Business and Managerial Economics may have to buy the book Ethics in Business and Economics, which is priced at $550.

  1. Physical Sciences and Engineering

People studying Physical Sciences and Engineering may find the need of studying Advanced Semiconductor and Organic Nano-Techniques, which is quite an expensive book worth $570.

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