Sell Back Your Textbooks

The internet is a beautiful thing; you get to save a ton of money by comparing prices and finding the cheapest textbooks before buying. Now we've taken it a step further and let you compare textbook buy back prices to find the store that will pay you the most for your books. Almost all of the stores who buy back textbooks pay for the shipping and everything so all you need to do is drop you books in the mail and they send you a check back, usually very quickly within a week.

Get Started Selling Back Your Textbooks:

  1. Go grab the textbook(s) you are no longer using and wish to sell back.
  2. Look on the back of the book where the UPC bar code is, this is where you can find the ISBN number you'll need. The ISBN number will be either a 10 or 13 digit number.
  3. Enter the ISBN below and we'll look up all the buy back prices for you.
  4. Select the store that will pay you the most, click sell book, and follow the steps.
  5. Mail books out... recieve check back... enjoy your extra money!